#1 Weight changes during exercise

I’ve noticed some people weight themselves before and after working out. And getting upset/happy when they gain/lose weight.

Truth is, you are not gaining or losing significant weight during one session of exercise.

Weight gain can almost always be a product of drinking a lot of water. The body wants to hold on to all the precious water it can while exercising to help cool the body and maintain blood plasma levels. So, don’t worry if you’ve gained 1 pound from working out. Your body will soon turn off the exercise hormones and blood shunting and you will excrete the excess water.

Weight loss can also be a change in hydration level. Dehydration is a major problem during long and/or intense exercise. A loss of a single pound of body weight can result in significant water loss and you should hydrate immediately.

Bottom line: weight isn’t shifting that much during 1 workout, it’s how we’ll your body is hydrated.

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